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If you feel 11 is a better fit, you should say something other than '10 is very old'.

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2- It is a ridiculously stable platform 3- It runs better on older hardware because it has less than half the memory requirements than 11, which is a RAM hog by comparison.. However I still burned it as a bootable disk and tried to boot from the DVD but it’s not working.. Thanks in advance Regards, Farhan Scott Alan Miller wrote: farhan ziya wrote: There is no reason of using version 5.

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If you have Dell or HP servers, you can download the ISO for Solaris x86 It runs very well on these machines and supports almost all available hardware.. I agree if there is no requirement to install 10 then Farhan should go with 11, but please don't make a statement like this.

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Oracle will support Solaris 10 through January, 2021, which means they plan to support it longer than Microsoft got stuck supporting XP.. Hi Folks, I have downloaded an ISO image of sun Solaris 5 10 sparc 64 bits form the oracle website but unable to burn it on dvd as a bootable disk.. I tried it using 'power iso' and 'ultr-iso' but getting an error msg as 'non bootable image'.. 10 but one of our employee has mentioned in his email to install this version However we can go with version 11.

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2- For dedicated infrastructure servers, there are less required packages for the base OS than with previous versions of Solaris so it can run leaner.. 10 is very old Like installing Windows 2003 today No, it's not like installing Windows 2003 today.. zip, 419 35 MB) Download Now! Solaris 10 3/05 DVD ( Segment 2 of 5 ), Multi-language (sol-10-GA-x86-dvd-iso-b.. Solaris 10 update 10 8/11 dvd iso Does oracle really want us to download it? Is there any torrent.. @NEvil - Solaris 10 3/05 DVD ( Segment 1 of 5 ), Multi-language (sol-10-GA-x86-dvd-iso-a.. zip, 419 38 MB) Download Now! Solaris 10 3/05 DVD ( Segment 3 of 5 ), Multi-language (sol-10-GA-x86-dvd-iso-c. 5ebbf469cd